Friday, December 18, 2015

Message for 12.18.15

Today I'm sharing this beautiful message with you, specifically for this week, December 18th-25th. I hope it brings you peace and contentment wherever you are, and whatever is going on in your life right now. Just let yourself surrender and open your heart to these loving words. The energy has been intense lately, and many are feeling it, including me. So it is very important to find time to meditate and calm down our energy. Please share your comments on how this feels to you!


Dear children, this is a beautiful time for you. You’re learning more and more about your true nature, and through your own exploration comes a new love for yourself and others. Isn’t that beautiful? You just don’t know how loved you truly are. You just don’t know.

You’re loved beyond measure, and it’s such a grand love we for you. We take interest in all that you are…every part of your humanness and beyond. It’s about communion with every part of you, not just beyond the physical perception. So remember that. We are not above and beyond you in any way. We are the bigger part of you that is here for you in every way possible…in every way you are asking for us to be a part of your life.

We are here to help you to gain the intuition you are seeking to feel more purpose in your everyday life, the courage to step up to the plate when you have fear or worries, and the undeniable knowing within that will help you to have the confidence that you are always on the right track.

You can’t fall off of it because you’ve never not been on it. You can’t get lost, because all is right and perfect in that moment. In other words, it matches up to the vibrational creation of your physical existence. Some of you would say, “I did not create this cancer, or this problem with my liver, it just happened to me.” To that we remind you of this: all that is your physical reality is created by you, through the mass consciousness of All, which also remains part of your personal creation. They work hand in hand, never separated from each other.

You are learning this reality more and more now. You are learning more about your expansive nature, and that you don’t know what you don’t know! So how can you possibly judge what is not even in your conscious awareness? You see, it’s there, just not in the forefront. All you have to do is tune into the vibration of love and acceptance within yourself, and you will find an untouched beauty and love that is beyond your biggest dream…beyond what you call Heaven.

You are made up of this place you call Heaven. You are Love and Light simply in this body for a short period of time…that is in relationship to the wholeness and grand eternal nature that is the true you! You are in the perfect moment right now.

Remember as we give you these words that you can’t get lost, and no matter the circumstance, whether it is your happiness or health, or the worrying of others in your life that you love and care about, you are all taken care of by a grander perceiving source. It’s the source of All That Is, and this is your home. You came from this source and you will return to this source. You never leave this peace…it is eternal in the seed of your being.

Today, your job is to simply create a space to let this permeate through you, with your conscious awareness of your magnificent nature. That’s your only job. It requires no effort, just awareness. And from that awareness comes a joy so grand you won’t believe it! We love you eternally, and are excited at your progress even reading these words now. As always, we are in your service, to you personally as well as all of humanity. And so it is.