Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts on EXERCISE!

Sooo, looks like I have not been very good about keeping my blog up. Similar to my ignorance of writing in my journal. Guess I'm the kind of person that leans towards experiencing in the moment, and finds it difficult to document every moment. Life continues to amuse me, nonetheless! ;-) I find that I have to be in a very specific mood to sit down and write my in this moment I'm getting there. I don't edit or re-read what I write, because I want what comes out to be pure and untouched. Cause then I'm not documenting what I REALLY think. So, here we go.

Starting day 1 of the Ultrametabolism detox today, which I'm SO excited about. Not only because I will feel so much better, but also because I also have more of a passion to exercise. Exercise for me has had a lot of negative definitions in the past. There might even still be some of those in my unconscious, but I've come a long way in the last couple of years, from exercising for one reason only, to finding a place in me that allows me to exercise only when I feel my body needs it, and to let it be in whatever form I feel is best for me in that moment. Now I spend my time doing yoga and taking walks outside, because they fill my Spirit and help me to evolve as human being.

It's not just to burn calories anymore, and I love that. Yoga has so many benefits, which I don't need to go into, because I don't feel like it! Again, I'm more of an experiential kind of person. I'd rather FEEL than understand and contemplate with my mind. There is a lightness and pure connection I feel with my Divine self when I do yoga, and I don't think it's because of the poses (but they help too)...I think it's the intention that we have when we start our practice. For me it's different every time I visit my mat, but it's always about allowing space for growth. Not pushing myself too far, and also not holding myself back. Finding that balance is a practice, and a good one at that!

Today I went to yoga at a local studio just five minutes away from my house, and I found that at the beginning of each practice, I assess myself and try to judge and compare and contrast myself. Wow, what a new concept! We all do it, but the practice is to notice it and then accept it, because it is who we are as humans. I wanted to sink into that and let it be. Then I started getting tired, and was slightly disappointed that other people were able to keep going and get into those advanced poses that I really wanted to do! But we do our best, no matter where we are, and accepting ourselves where we are, no matter where we are, is essential to growth. Not just in yoga, but in life.

Yoga for me is a spiritual practice, but I love to sweat too. The endorphins being released in a way that makes me joyful is the best exercise. I'm so happy that I can say that without lying! Like "yeah, I LOVE to run 3 miles every day." That was fake. But yoga actually brings me into balance and harmony with myself, and that has been the best reflection I've had today! Excited to see how I feel by next week with detoxing!