Monday, July 28, 2014

This is the time of awakening Lightworkers. We all came to this Earth for the purpose of co-creating. We are learning all of the experiences that come with being human, which mostly means dealing with emotions. Emotions have a frequency which helps us to grow as spiritual beings. It pushes us in many directions to move; whether they feel positive or negative. The Earth is starting to shift based on it's inhabitants, which is predominantly us human beings. Nature and animals are also part of this category. We are all part of One Spirit. The Earth's inhabitants are shifting this energy of the planet, helping it to evolve to a place where we can feel more comfortable in it.

This shift means that there will be a great amount of contrast. Contrast means that pain and suffering will arise, not only in our personal journeys, but also as a collective. It is now much harder to get political and religious structures to conform into one idea, simply because we are more and more conscious to the fact that the old ways of dealing with conflict is not helping anything - and it's causing a great amount of discomfort globally.

The energy of the planet must reach a heightened suffering to get us to shift as a collective - why? Because the greatest change happens when we all agree it needs to happen. One of my favorite puns: shift happens! I always giggle at that one. But seriously, spirituality is not all fun and games, but it's at least getting to the root of all illusions - understanding how the illusion of self plays into the whole. Our individual suffering actually impacts the whole, just as each individuals Light impacts the whole.

We're starting to come together because we're noticing that the old ways are not getting us anywhere. War, politics and religion are all structures that we use as a means of coming together to make a bigger impact than we could alone. This is how it always has been - the bigger masses can make greater change. Same goes with the energy involved in shifting the global consciousness. We must come together as One humanity, without separation, to come to world peace. I'm not saying that's right around the corner, but Lightworkers like us keep coming back because we KNOW that it's ahead, and we're in this for the long run.

Know that you're not alone here - all of us are here for the same purpose. We all have our soul signatures, but in the end, we're here because we have signed up as spiritual beings having a human experience, to evolve this planet which we now call Home. Lightworkers can feel this, and know in the core of their beingness that this is their soul purpose. All experiences along the way may be personal, in which case you may disagree with what I said above about us all being here for one purpose. I may become a healer, and you may become an artist - those are professions...I'm not talking about that. I'm not talking about what you DO, but rather, WHO you are!

Each individual on the planet at this time is making a difference. I don't care whether you're a librarian in some small little town, or you're Barack Obama - nobody just plopped you here for no reason. Seriously, don't ever think that you were a mistake, or "aren't meant to be here". This is the time where my channel will interrupt and say "get over yourself, and get out there!" That's not said in a condescending's said with love, because you deserve to live your soul purpose to it's fullest. Imagine if you do that now. Next time you come around (and you certainly will), you will be miles ahead and have much less work to do. YOU CAN DO IT!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ilusions galore!

I've been struggling with the illusion of fear that I am not enough or have not done enough of a good job to promote myself and all the work I have been doing to publish my book Teachings From God. It's been a very long journey, and I am actually really proud of myself...not gonna deny that. But, it's been hard, even though it is an amazing investment, both for myself, and for the world. I have this resistance to pacing myself and my goals. I want to be the next guest on Oprah before the book is even officially published...and then give myself a hard time for not working hard enough to accomplish these goals. I value the work I've done, as well as the work my channel has done to support me on this journey of awakening myself, and the world. It's not all on me...there are SO many resources out there, and this is just one small piece of the whole puzzle.

Somehow I am letting myself believe that I need to be "the next big thing", which I know are my guides pushing me to keep my goals high. I think that is a good thing, because I know that when I have those high standards for myself, I WILL achieve them in the end. The part I struggle with is the journey to the end - the process. And, funnily enough, that's the most important. I'm not always in the Now. I teach it, I talk about it, and I still want it. You have to understand, teachers are still students. We're all students, relatively. Yes, we are master Light beings, but for this time being in the human body and physical experience, we are students.

We came here to learn and experience. So, we're all walking that journey, and no one here is above and beyond that. Any teacher who claims to know all the secrets is having a major ego attack! Seriously, any real teacher knows that we're all here as students. You cannot be ego-less as a human just can't. But that's the process, and the experience we signed up for! If it wasn't meant to be that way, it wouldn't. God could do that...but that isn't the journey that we were looking for. The point is to experience, to learn contrast, emotional balance, boundaries, and connection with the Divine.

Through all these daily trials, growth happens rapidly. When we fall down and get hurt, we are more receptive to change, because we know contrast. We learn that what we don't want will cause us to find out what we do want, and then the passion to grow even more causes drastic shifts in your personal development as a human being - and therefore, as a spiritual being. We willingly and knowingly put ourselves in these positions for the overall purpose of spiritual growth! Who woulda' thunk!

I'm now starting to understand on a deeper level that my self observation and awareness is sharpening. I'm learning that I can grow and change and develop WHILE I sit back and relax. I don't have to go gung-ho on everything until I hit walls. This whole publishing process has given me a taste of that - and though it has been exciting, joyful, and seriously fun, I have resistance to patience! I am already doing so much work, and somehow I keep going back to the thoughts of "I need to do more". That's just where I am, but I am noticing it...and therefore the resistance lessens. It's all's all good.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Moving forward on your soul purpose FEARLESSLY!

Today I've been contemplating my role in this universe. What is it in me that wants to contradict my big dreams? Why is it that I have such a passion to change the world in such a big way, but there's always that small voice inside that makes you want to back down and question the validity? I'm starting to realize that the process of moving through fear of failure that brings the greatest blessings, because it teaches you to start to conquer these fears early, before they start showing up in a bigger way. To be constantly aware of how you react in every day experiences are so revealing, and it's beautiful to acknowledge these so that you can grow and experience these same situations in the future differently. Life is about growth and learning our authenticity. If that is a mystery, then our whole existence is a mystery. 

In that case, I can see why so many people live in fear and resentment of all of the choices they have made in their life - because they aren't awake to their true purpose, or of the Divine meaning of their existence. We're all born with a blueprint, which holds the energy of all of our existences, life experiences, and the totality of the universal consciousness, which is LOVE. My book, Teachings From God, is all about awakening to this true purpose...and it is not about one answer..."right" or "wrong". It is about learning to tune into yourself enough to see the Divine in yourself, for yourself. It's about finding YOU without anyone labeling or defining you for you. 
To read my article on Gaiam TV:
I've learned that life is about defining yourself...and it can't come from others. You need to value yourself enough to know that you are a projection of Source in a human body, and to also know that you are here for greatness. Don't let yourself get small, whether it's someone telling you that you're not the greatness that you truly are, or whether it's coming from yourself. These are simply illusions. When you wake up and start to experience yourself from the eyes of Source, you will see there is only infinite beauty. Your human body is only part of your greatness - and you extend SO much further. You have the power within to investigate and claim your inner Divinity! 

This is your chance to step into your power and to start living the life you came to live. Whether it is to be a teacher, to speak your Truth, to be a Lightworker, a healer, an artist, a musician, a film maker, an actor, a figure skater, or an engineer, you make the difference in the world. You don't need to be the Dalai Llama to shine Light in the world. If you can live in your heart with a passion to serve yourself indefinitely, you will always be guided. Even if you've been in the dark throughout your lifetime, and you regret the time where you were not as awake as you are now...don't even go there! The mind wants to take off and judge your every move - to be rational and to follow the conditionings that you have been taught your whole life. 

All life experiences are undeniably guided from Spirit. Whether it's losing a family member, moving to a new home, suffering from an illness, feeling alone and lost in your life, losing a pet, getting in a car accident, running into financial issues, wanting to get in better physical shape, or want to let go of past traumas...all is in the hands of Spirit. I'm not denying that life has it's hardships, because it definitely does. I also can't say I have personal experience with all of these experiences, but I CAN say, I understand the purpose of them, and have experienced my own version of hardships. It's not about defining them, it's about getting to the root issue of them, why you react the way you do, and what pain, fears, or "lack of" feelings may be causing these reactions. 

If you can successfully do that, and become invested in your own growth, you will feel so much better knowing that it is not the experiences that are causing you pain, it is YOU that causes that pain, based on your blueprint. This causes triggers often from past lives, which can be brought up in our current lifetimes if they need to be healed. To heal them consciously means you deactivate that pattern or program and can move through your life now (and in the future lifetimes) much easier. 

These are a few words I wanted to share tonight. Namaste!