Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Love Furiously No Matter What

Remember that which you stand for...for light, for love, for empowerment, and free will. Remember that what you see with your eyes is coming from a biased human being with a perspective that is limited. Remember that what you see through your heart, through your higher self, is that of complete trust in the grander plan, and in humanities free will decisions. Trust in your fellow brothers in sisters, for their ability to stand up for love, above all else. Separation cannot exist without a fight. Light cannot exist without dark. There is a lot of painful growing pains. I feel that today with a passion. But I use that as leverage to stand up taller, to challenge myself to breathe a little deeper, to honor the emotions, and to ultimately get back up and remember that there is no such thing as defeat. There is no such thing as losing. We are all in this together. There are truly no "sides". We are fighting the same fight; some of us just go about it in a different way. And I cannot help but feel disheartened, at the very least. But that is my humanness reacting. I don't just dream of a better tomorrow, I will proactively co-create the life that I want to see; I will challenge any forces that come at me to provoke fear, separateness, inequality, or anything less than love. I will work to heal myself, to forgive myself and the forces that are at play right now, for the pain and suffering that is erupting all over the world. This is a co-created reality. We're experiencing contrast so that we can all collectively get on the same page. We've lowered our standards. We've forgotten unconditional love. But it's not lost, and it never will be. We need to learn to use our innate toolbox, to connect to the source of divinity within each and every one of us...and above all, to see beyond what our human eyes see, and believe in our power; our individual voices to create a shift, not just in politics but in our entire human infrastructure. It's beyond politics. It comes down to the kind of desires we're placing in the universal grid. What are our goals...what is our soul's purpose? It's time to use our inner guidance systems, and start living from the inside out. That way we live a guided life; a life of freedom and joy, and abundance. Fear and bigotry is dismantled. It comes down to human beings loving human beings, and having gratitude for this life experience, this playground of adventures after adventures that teach us so much about Life...that is, the eternalness of our existence. My friends, let your souls feel the emotions that arise, and then rise up to meet your highest expression. Believe in you. Love furiously no matter what. I love you.

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