Sunday, August 21, 2016

Embracing the Approaching Fall Season!

I'm sitting at my kitchen table with a nice hot cup of mint melange tea and listening to beautiful music, feeling the cool crisp (almost) fall breeze creeping in through the windows. I've been keeping the windows open the last couple of days because it has been SO beautiful out. It feels like we're turning the corner from summer to fall, and I'm not yet convinced that I feel ready for it, but I am certainly enjoying some warm tea and my big sweater this morning! Doggies are laying at my feet, and I'm feeling a new sense of composure and readiness to begin new adventures.

I see and feel the fall season as a opportunity to rediscover yourself in a new way, and maybe begin a new project that feels really life giving to you. A lot of people get sad when this time of the season comes around because they will miss summer and the warm weather. I find that the fall season is about balance and remembering that you are in control of your experience and how you choose to flow with this change of seasons. Maybe you live in a part of the world that doesn't have these four seasons like I do in Minnesota, but I would encourage you to still contemplate the natural shift of phases that I think we all experience during different times of the year.

This fall time is about grounding and flowing with change, and maybe granting yourself permission of something that you have been holding back from for a while. We're in a time in our evolution on this earth where the fruit of our labor shows up in physical manifestation faster than ever before. That means in your physical body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes we manifest things in our life that we don't really want, and we're not really sure where it came from! This time of the year our bodies are in preparation for hunkering down just like the bears getting ready to hibernate for the winter! So something really important we can do is collect as much energy as we can, just like the bears. Spend your time wisely, in ways that support your spirit and give you life!

Nurture yourself with warm teas and foods that are easy to digest so your body doesn't have to work as hard for energy. The word "nurture"  keeps coming up as an important key for us right now. Really treat yourself with love and respect by listening to your feelings and your body and acting upon the wisdom it is giving you! Our bodies are ALWAYS talking to us - the questions is if we are listening. I'm feeling extra fatigued the last week, and my digestive system has been really off. So I'm slowing down a lot and prioritizing more meditation time and listening to my body for what it needs. Warmth, extra comfort and everything that makes me feel extra nurtured is the key right now. More meditation time is so good for slowing down and really listening, especially as the weather cools down, it feels even better to curl up in your special cozy meditation spot in solitude.

Whatever brilliant ideas are stirring within you as you read this post, listen to that as divine guidance for yourself and FOLLOW IT! Maybe you're itching to start some new exciting projects like I am. More to come on that later - for now, I am going to get outside with my book and let my doggies sprawl out in the sun! For now I am praising the warm sun we still have!