Sunday, March 27, 2016

When you feel really human...

Hey peeps! It's been a long time since I've made a blog post, I'm not really sure why I haven't been writing. I love sharing my thoughts. It's a chance for me to learn something new about myself, and stretch myself to share honestly and openly. 

I've been on my own journey of discovery just like everyone else. Sometimes it's difficult to get online and share when you're in the middle of the experience. As I've been introduced to the world of radio interviewing I've learned to compose my thoughts and have confidence in myself and what I have to share. 

In a recent interview I felt called to share a little bit about my own personal journey, where I talked about how even when you are living a seemingly "awakened" life and you have this spiritual persona and experiences to talk about, you still work through the same stuff as everyone else. You experience darkness, your ego, and tumultuous times that challenge your humanness. 

The instinct we have as humans is to run away from anything (internal or external) that makes us uncomfortable or scared. Of course that makes sense because our design is to protect ourselves, but sometimes we have to lean into what feels uncomfortable so we can transform whatever is triggering us. Sometimes we can learn to overcome these challenges and we find a much more powerful person underneath that we never imagined could be there. 

My personal intention for my life is to rise up to meet my highest self...whatever that takes. Whatever struggle I have to endure, whatever illusions about myself I have to break through, I'll do it. So in response, what comes up to the surface is what I need to move through, and that is often not so fun. 

Everyone has their own struggles. I think it's important to not judge our differences but to celebrate our strength and courage and help each other to move through the journey. Life is not easy, and it's easy to be on autopilot. But then again, it's also easy to get a wild wake up call later in life because you weren't listening. 

I don't want a wild wake up call...I'd rather know myself inside and out, even if it's difficult. It pays off, even if it feels like an uphill battle sometimes. If you're moving uphill for long enough, you can guarantee the ride down will be just around the corner. 

If you are moving through something difficult right now that makes you question your strength and courage because it brings out all your human feels, don't're not alone. Be still when you can and have gratitude for yourself, because it's not easy, not for me, and not for anyone. 

People often assume I am some enlightened person that has no issues, because people come to me for healing and readings to them them through their lives. What people don't realize is that I work through the same things, and the greatest healers are the ones that understand the darkness. Understanding darkness allows you to experience the light in a deeper way. 

So I'll close this by saying, I know where you're going through. And don't give up...know that you can continue to be yourself and you don't need to pretend that you're immune to the human feels when they arise, because it's okay to be vulnerable and not know what the heck is going on. 

You don't learn that in school. You're taught that you can know most everything with a good education (and maybe religion). But all we truly perceive as "reality" is through the lens of our humanness and our three dimensional ways with a logical mind. What's on the other side is limitlessness and unconditional love and fearlessness. 

Can we achieve that? I don't know. Probably aspects of it. But we can try to embrace every aspect of who we are and allow ourselves a deep breath as we're learning and growing. 



  1. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing your own personal journey... the dark and the light. It is so helpful to others to expose all of who we are, and you do that with such eloquence. Blessings and big hugs to you dear one.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting Rochel! :-) Big hugs back to you!