Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thoughts on Love

Love is the one force that is so powerful that it can be beautiful and hurtful at the same time. Sometimes we love so deeply that it can overpower us. And sometimes our love for another can make us go deeper into our being to discover our greatest joys and lessons in life. Sometimes it's the closest people to us that make us look directly at the ego self, and cause us hurt. If you're human, you run into these roadblocks along the way, and it's always difficult. Friends, families, partners, children...all of these relationships are extensions of ourselves, and challenge us to be our greatest self. It can be tough sometimes to discover that piece of ourselves, especially if that lesson means we get hurt by the people in our life that we love the most. Human emotions is a strange and beautiful thing. The more it teaches me sorrow and pain, the more it teaches me the beauty of love and joy and those glimpses of bliss. As we grow and learn how to embody our true self, we have to move through the uncomfortable, and that often means dealing with people and situations that feel icky. We are being challenged to look within and to consciously guide ourselves to our highest vibration, so we can see from the higher perspective the purpose of this relationship and experience. When we see from the higher perspective, there is no judgment or worry...a simple content and KNOWING that all is well. Truly, all is well. Then we can start acting upon that divine guidance and release our own judgment or plans for how to deal with these uncomfortable situations, and release them to heaven. I have an intent and prayer for the universe to guide me to be present and say the right things. And then my job, and your job, is to let go and let God. When you know you've spoken your truth from your heart, and you know it was from the higher perspective and not your mind/emotions, then you have done the best you can. You let it go, and let God. All lessons you need to learn will be learned through your own observation of how YOU respond going forward...and I promise it will show so much growth and expansion that you never knew was inside of you! 

Onward, and upward...with patience, resilience, kindness, compassion, and love.