Friday, January 1, 2016

Talba's Story: A Short Story About Kindness

He is one of great wisdom, one story after another, one great man that has laughed his way through his life. A time of great turbulence, but was born into a great wisdom, a great truth, and a great teacher of existence. He was Talba, and he was born from greatness. He gave kindness and strength and showed agility in achieving great kindness, which is of course only achieved through giving one’s own kindness. He was a tall man, one with a big smile and a kind heart, and beyond the wisdom of the ages inside. He grew into a man that was born opposite, born into a family that had no interest in him, and did not see his great wisdom and light. So he went cold for a while, shut down his own heart, and spun his way into negative habits. But then an awakening came to him and he found love within. He found a great strength within. He found that he was destined for greatness, and for love. So he went to the butcher, a fine friend, and asked him to cut him a piece of meat, and from there he visited the local town nearby him, about a twenty minute walk from his village. He gave the family of five there his piece of meat. They were so touched by his generosity, that they cried and cried with such a humbleness of life. They could not understand why such a man would pay them so much kindness, even as he was a simple farmer, and a stranger nonetheless. He gave them a piece of corn to remind them of his name. It was a token in his culture, and so they respected him and kept it hanging above the mantle. One day Talba did not return for any more visits to this family’s home, as he did on routine previously. So the family decided to go looking for him, roaming around the village calling his name. “Talba! Talba!” He was nowhere to be found, and they could not understand where he would have gone. To their dismay, they found out from the other villagers that he went out to hunt water buffalo, and we trampled in an accident. He drowned in the river and was unable to pay his friends in the next town over a visit. When they found out the news of the poor peasant man, they wept tears of sadness and despair. They wept because he was a man of such undeniable and eternal kindness and generosity and he died much too early. He was only 29 years old. He had curly dirty locks, shoulder length long, with tattered rags as clothing. He was a simple man with a big heart full of joy despite his lifestyle. They did not understand how one could be so joyful and so simple at the same time. He did not deserve to die in such a horrid condition. So the family returned home from their adventure looking for Talba, and they gathered round the fire, still aghast from the recent news. They spoke of how to honor this beautiful man and how to make his name known to many. They decided to sew a blanket, to tell of his stories. They each sewed a piece of his name, his story; his words of wisdom. And then they passed it on to the next village. They found out soon enough that many had heard of this great man, Talba. Many had heard of his beautiful stories and adventures. He was a wild adventurer man, and he never gave up or left and adventure on the back burner. He left after stilling grace into every one of them. The villagers in the next town began sewing his stories onto the quilt made for a warrior. He was a warrior of kindness. They felt his deep love for them as they sewed through the long hours of the night and the chilled dewy mornings. They would sit by the fire, collecting more stories from the neighbors in their village and laughing of the great stories of wild Talba. He was often a noble prince in disguise when he wanted to truly be a thrill seeking adventurer! He fooled many when he told his extravagant stories under the oak trees, and planted elegant animal skins on their shoulders for warmth. He collected many stories on his journeys, and told them all as he moved from village to village. He was a man of great curiosity, and one with a noble kind heart. He deserved to be a true king, but alas, he was too much of a traveler, and didn’t look the part perhaps. He refused to wear skins on his feet, for he wanted to travel like a poor man, to feel what it felt like to truly be free of all inclinations and all human like behaviors. He wanted to feel like what an animal feels like as they run through the tall grasses, feeling only the sun on their backs, and the wind through their hair. He liked the sound of that more than being a king. But the acting was fun and humorous from time to time. He liked to try on a new outfit as he liked. Talba was a beautiful man, made of courage and strength. And the village people saw him as so. They called him Wind in the Willows, for he always seemed to disappear as he arrived, so swift, and yet so prominent, like the sweetness of dew on the morning grass. When he arrived, you just knew it. You could feel the presence of his sweetness, like the golden rays of the sunset sparkling on the ocean. There’s a great story to be told, and he never knew it. He never knew how his story taught so many how to be kindness warriors like himself. There’s a time and place for all great warriors, but this one, sir Talba, now lies under these grasses and the villagers still chant his name to bring about the kindness in their hearts again. They remind themselves that it always lies within, even when sorrow prevails; even when there’s an eerie stillness in the air. You must know that his kindness lives on, through your heart, and through the heart of all, near and far from Talba’s village. He speaks your name in the stillness of your heart, if you listen.

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