Friday, January 15, 2016

Message for January 15th-22nd

"There is a great love for you today, and of course love always surrounds you, but when you concentrate your attention on it, it grows and grows in your favor! So the acknowledgment of your efforts to be fully present in your life are taken note of. You are all so beautiful when you let yourself fully express your divinity and beauty – it’s contagious…remember that!

Don’t forget the impact you have, because as you remember that you are bigger than you believe yourself to be, the impact you will have will be exponential, and all that come in contact with you will be in harmony with your highest and best example. When you align to your truth, all that flock toward you fit that vibration of love and divine synchronicities.

You have to remember that this is so vital, especially as you are emotional based beings, that live from a place of polar emotional values, both what you call “positive” and “negative”, and not that these are truly “good” or “bad”, they just have different definitions that you have attributed to them. So be conscious of how you choose to think about yourself, and others as well. For if you catch yourself thinking icky thoughts about others, or even wishing ill intentions towards others, enemy or not, you are hurting yourself.

You must remember you are connected, and when you open your heart to more love within yourself, sending anything other than love out into the world is not possible, because it doesn’t fit the vibrational frequency of fear and hatred anymore. So, remember your amazing conscious co-creative abilities when you put your mind to it, you’ve got a lot to think about all day every day, but rarely do you focus your attention in conscious directions to benefit your overall well-being and emotional alignment with the source within.

As always, but especially for this week, as we are gathered in the intention for this week, pay special attention to your focus point, and if anything arises that feels less than you deserve, point yourself in the direction of feeling better, by either coaxing yourself into one step at a time, or if you can’t do it on your own, surround yourself with those that will help get you in a better feeling emotionally aligned place, so you can act on your highest good, and ultimately catch those signposts we’ve been sending to you all along!

Remember you can’t fall off track – you only lose hope within yourself, and put your blinders on. Support is always with you, and you’re doing a fantastic job. Ask for what you DESERVE, and listen to be guided in the direction of your personal best outcome."

With all love, infinitely in all directions…
Your partner in crime