Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Message to Humanity

Dedicated to all the beautiful people of Paris ~


"As you are moving even higher into the light and your collective desire turns towards peace and harmony with all of creation, all that is of violence will cease. Because your ego self will diminish and the fear based ideals and creations will no longer need to be alive within you.

This is of a collective agreement, to see this age that is of great violence and turbulence - there is much passion now to resolve the issues at hand, especially in regard to not allowing power to overthrow your freedom as a God given being of light. You all have the ability to fight for what you are just by shining that, by being that. It doesn’t have to come in the form of fighting in physical form…for in fact, we know that you know that is not the answer you are seeking.

What you need to understand is that this age is about learning what’s already within you. Much of the work on your planet becomes a bigger deal than it really is because you have this idea that it all has to get done with your own two hands. You can’t be digging and planting those seeds on your own when you could be using this grand time to be basking in your beautiful creations! This moment is another moment to ask yourselves who you are.

Really be conscious as you ask yourself this question. And if you don’t know, wonder why you don’t know…wonder why you haven’t become illuminated to the fact that it DOES matter to live your happiness and fullest potentials. This impacts the collective desire. When more and more decide to choose themselves and choose divine innate power and worth, the consciousness will rise even higher.

It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about finding the balance so that you can live in unity, and to feel the Oneness that is already existent. So this is a message to shine your light wherever you are. Take a moment to re-evaluate your personal mission, and if you’re not on it, get on it. There is no time to lose, and you know it. Because there is a pull to be on track; there is a pull to feel fulfilled and in line with your creation on Earth.

And those that are not living with purpose feel violated by Life itself. Feeling lost and alone is a byproduct of choosing a reality that is not your true nature. So how do you get there? Feel into what feels best, and go there without hesitation.

This energy of war and of terrorism cannot persist when love becomes more prominent. So we urge you, all you lightworkers and earth angels, use your powers. You are all part of God, and you are all here to emerge into your fullest Divine expression, to show that light to others.

Instead of gasping for air, drowning in the misery and tragedy at the expense of many lives lost, use this as momentum to increase this love of planet earth to rise up to meet where you want to be. Have no fear, even as you feel sadness and angst. Hold the vibration of love even stronger, because we know you can. You are made in the image and likeness of God; a powerful lightworker and energy warrior. Use it.

You might not know you amazing you truly are, but ask how to be of service, and the answers will come. Your gifts are needed more than ever in this time. You are ready to show up and be the light in every way possible. Trust that in this time, all will be touched by this love you are emanating, and that is the greatest service you can do in this time.

To be present in this moment with love and joy in your heart, imagining great peace being strung through the hearts of all around the globe, you are doing a great service. So that is all that you must do. Keep shining, and being bold even when it feels out of line. It’s not…because the true you is bigger than you are allowing yourself to be. So bring on the greatness, and show this true power to all, and love will always prevail!! We love you so dearly, and with great peace in our beingness, we send gratitude for all your service. And so it is."


  1. Courtney this is wonderful. Thank you. I need to figure out how to get these when they come out!!

  2. Courtney this is wonderful. Thank you. I need to figure out how to get these when they come out!!

  3. This is wonderful. Thank you Courtney. Now I need to figure out how to receive your blog posts!!

  4. This is wonderful. Thank you Courtney. Now I need to figure out how to receive your blog posts!!