Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Early Morning Writing Makes Me Look Like a Motivational Speaker

I'll start by saying, I am not like this kind of motivational speaker ;)

I've got a lot to share and a lot that I feel I'm not ready to share. I'm inching my way out into the world in my own comfortable time like everyone else. Some people look at what I'm doing and say to me, "wow! You're so brave for sharing your truth in front of so many people and a camera!" My response is usually and awkward "thank you" followed by, "you can do it too!" It just takes practice and compassion towards yourself.

I fully appreciate that others appreciate me being a wayshower for many, but I also want others to know that the work I've done to get where I want to be is no different than the work they need to do to get to where they want to be. We make up a whole lot of excuses for why we can't achieve peace and stillness and compassion and love in our lives. The most lame I hear all the time is "I just don't have time." My response in my mind is, "I guess you answered your own question then!" Your inability to make time for the piece of you that feels most alone and confused and unloved is the part of you that should be getting the most attention. If you feel cutting out time for your own growth, expansion, and enjoyment, then how can you achieve anything else that you desire? All relationships stem from the relationship with ourselves, right?

This post might come off snarkier than it really is as I'm writing this ;) I truly just want you to step into yourself with strength and endurance and not play victim anymore! There's so many people I meet everyday that I see so much potential in, and yet they don't see the value in cherishing their own light. They don't see the point in following their soul purpose (even though they are very clear on what that is!) They have forgotten what it means to follow their inner voice. Now it has become a distant voice veiled by illusions and false perceptions.

The true essence of our being wants to share our full self with the world - to shine and to be seen and heard. Sometimes other circumstances get in the way of us following through with that, but at the root that is what we be seen and heard. To be appreciated and loved and honored for who we are and what we are sharing with our presence. We want to hear from others how our light impacts their life!

I want you to know that by valuing yourself enough to step into your life and take it by the horns instead of offering it up to others and their decisions, you are doing enough!! But always live for you. There's a reason you're here to create your life and your friend, or your parent is here to create theirs. You are separate beings with separate soul purposes! Find a way to support yourself, be your own knight in shining armor, and see how that changes your whole perception of your so called goals in your life. They will probably change, because you'll have more clarity on what are your truest desires, and what were others desires for you.

In truth, you are the only one that knows what is best for you. Surround yourself with those beings that see and honor you for who you are and who you are becoming. The only way that they can be unveiled to you is through your own self-love, acceptance, and confidence of who you are and you are becoming! If you don't see the light and love within yourself, how can others? Unmask yourself, fellow lightworkers! You're here to be YOU and none other than you!!

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