Monday, April 6, 2015

Body Intelligence

"What is that" you might ask? We're going to get a little scientific today folks. It's the notion that the thoughts we think and they way we choose to live our lives is all information that your physical body responds to each and every moment of your life. Your cells are listening, and every time you unconsciously send negative, condescending, or judgmental feedback to yourself, it's documented in your body, until you either change that information, or it collects until you create an illness for yourself. That could either by the common cold, or something as serious as cancer.                                  

One interesting study, by Dr. Massaru Emoto, tests the consciousness of water through various messages sent to the water before studying it under the microscope. This is one test of many I'm sure, and would be the same effect if we studied how our thought patterns affect our cells.

It's important to let yourself integrate when big things happen in your life. My Grandma recently passed, as I've talked about a few times here, and everything else in my life is in flux. That can be refreshing and also a little bit scary and uneasy. But in the end, it means it's important to remember to stay out of the way, and cleared of resistance. A good thought, but a difficult practice!

Today I'm staying home, even though I had plans to go out, because I'm feeling under the weather. Resistance to your natural flow causes physical illness in the body, whether you want to admit that or not. It's not all about catching an illness from someone else, sometimes you gotta realize that you are in charge of your experience, and that includes both positive and negative events. When you get stuck in life and feel like you are down and out, and alienated from the rest of the world, sometimes you just have to stop and let your true feelings come out.

It's easy to dissect other people's lives (well, at least for me it is), but when it comes down to my own, it can feel like a mystery most of the time. That's because I have a bias to my own experience; something that I don't necessarily have for others. When I am stuck, (or I pretend like I'm stuck when there's really no such thing) I get sick in my body. It forces me to look at what is really going on, instead of what I want to think about myself.

I want to get better, so my resistance goes down and I am much more open to looking at my true self and admitting my feelings to myself. When we do that, our bodies respond positively, because it now knows it doesn't have to work as hard to send a message to you to pay attention. When you're paying attention, it won't overcompensate and create physical problems in your body, and we also become more integrated with our true authentic selves.

So instead of resisting this process, it's best to bless your body for getting a message across to you so you can respond accordingly. Take the time you need to heal, integrate, and listen to your body. It's always talking, and we're almost never listening! If we could learn this in school, or rather, be guided to listen in school, we would be a much healthier world. It's not that one diet or way of living is "correct", it's that every person on this planet has a different lineage, which means we need to treat everyone different when they are sick or need to re-evaluate their nutritional needs.

One that spend the majority of their soul journey in the same place eating the same food may be intolerant to other foods. Instead of treating an intolerance with medicine, maybe listening to what your body wants would be a good start. Personally, I'm done with figuring out what is "wrong" or "right" for me, whether it is food, exercise, or personal growth. I want my life to be led by what feels good, instead of what I'm told is the best way. Listen to what your body wants, and everything will become much less mysterious.

I have been working with a friend that does CranioSacral work, and I can say that there has been a world of new information that has revealed itself to me on that table. It blows my mind that I am still holding on to things that I thought were already gone, and they keep disguising themselves as other issues. It's important to go down to the root issue, face the fear of seeing something nasty, and then it will release automatically. Don't hold yourself back any longer! Here is my friend Kim's website for her CranioSacral business, please check her out!

I'll leave you with one more thing, because I just came across this and I think it's also very interesting interpretation of how our bodies react to various emotions. Insightful!

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