Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day!?

The title says it all, it's April Fools days foo's!! The day is coming to a gradual close, and I still haven't come up with any great pranks. I should be ashamed of myself! I am the ultimate prankster, probably more so when I was younger. The luck of my Grandmother was very poor...she consistently was the ONLY receiver of my grand pranks, which I admit were all too frequent!

The old faithful prank was taping the sprayer on the sink with tape and waiting patiently close by until Grandma would need to wash her hands in the sink. The aftermath was probably the best part of it all, because she would try to look angry, but it always came out way to mushy to convince me that I was ever in trouble. So alas, I kept on doing it for many more years! It started with a long drawn out scream, and then a "COURTNEY you little stinker you!!" Word for word, everytime *chuckles*.

Then I started getting more creative, around the age of 4. I used to ask my Grandpa to have secret "meetings" in their office, which was the back room of the house. We would huddle in there, and I would whisper to make sure Grandma couldn't hear me. To my disappointment she wasn't too concerned that we were having these secret meetings without her! We would come up with some great ideas, but after not too long I had to pull out the big guns, because they just weren't good enough to me anymore. So being too small to figure out the computer myself, I asked my Grandpa to look it up on the computer for me. We would google "good pranks"...that was consistent on our "recent searches" list on Google for some time.

I soon got my sister and cousin to join in with me, (this was years later) which was great cause now I had a team that could help stage the scene with me, and also distract Grandma while it happened. She was incredible oblivious - no offense Grandma!! ;) One of my favorites was the time we cut out a picture of a snake on the internet and placed in conveniently right outside of the sliding glass door. Oh dear. Somehow this was convincing to her, even though I'm sure there was still white edges on the two dimensional snake from Google.

Grandma screamed forever and I'm pretty sure peed in her pants as well. Instead of feeling bad about this, we kept on doing these pranks for the buzz of seeing her scared out of her wits. It wasn't even that good, I mean we were kids, but it worked. My mom would say, "how did you do all of those in one day? Grandma must have just been playing along..." She confirmed not that long ago that indeed she wasn't playing along; she was just as scared as she looked every one of those times! Part of me laughs hysterically at these memories, and the other part of me thinks "she took care of us EVERY DAY for half our lives and this is what we did to repay her?" Still laughing!!