Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Dream Board!

Back in the Fall I made this dream board, which I really put my heart into creating. It's a brilliant creative outlet in itself, but what I really love about the process is the joy and alive-ness that I feel when I am in the flow, appreciating every aspect of myself, and remembering my true potential. And finding those perfect images and words to cut out of magazines and newspapers is the best! If you are ever feeling like you need to clarify your intentions and dreams, sit down and go through this process of creating a dream board for yourself. It feels so good to feel the energy of it all coming together in physical form as you are re-affirming all that you want, seeing it in bold colorful letters!

As you can see, Oprah is front and center here in mine...I adore Oprah, and her show Super Soul Sunday. Someday I see myself there - as you can see, Oprah is excited to be reading Teachings From God! ;)

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