Friday, March 27, 2015


Today is about recognizing my momentum, and that I have come very far in accomplishing my dreams! When we focus on how far we have come instead of how much we have failed and fallen behind, we are much happier and in the flow! Makes sense, I know, but it can also be a hard practice to follow. I know it is for me! But that's why I started this blog; to remember to dedicate time to gaining my own momentum through the power of affirmation. Telling my story makes me feel invigorated and alive with possibility, and that's why I share. Also because I think that there are those out there that have similar stories, or could benefit in some way. It's useful to listen to others and learn from them!

This blog also helps me to see my true self; sometimes I filter through what I want to actually hear in my head, but when my thoughts are on paper, it feels very real and vulnerable, and I like that. I like it because it always tells the truth, and then I can learn from it. When I don't really know how I feel, how am I supposed to learn anything? This is like my public journal, how do you like that? Ha ha! Don't feel weird about investigating your inner dimensions, it can be a little scary at first, but let me tell you, it's great when you no longer have to hide things from yourself! Usually it's an unconscious behavior.

Momentum grows as you continue to focus on where you want to be with feelings of eagerness, passion, excitement, expansion, and love! The result is a resistance free vortex of manifestation!

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