Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Heavenly Whispers

As a mentioned in a previous post, my Grandma recently made her transition back home after a really tough fight with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My family has had a really difficult time with such an unexpected event, especially as it was a fast and aggressive journey. Although, all in all I now know it was a gift in disguise. I have seen great transformation within myself as well as many people around me that have been graced by my Grandmothers presence.

She gifted so many people, and she also bonded the family together in a way I don't think we would have if she hadn't become so sick. I was blessed to be part of the journey and to be of service in a way that I had never been able to be. I did my best to communicate to her in a really soft way the beauty of where she was headed, and began doing a lot of painting at the time as well. Here's a little taste:

I have had a few dreams since her passing, so the lines of communication are still very open! I made sure to talk to her even when she was unresponsive that we would all be tuned in and watching out for her when she chose to make her presence known! The night after her passing, on February 26th, both my Grandpa and I saw flashes of light around us as we were falling asleep in different parts of my house. Pretty awesome right?

My dad also had an amazing experience yesterday - divine synchronicity kind of experience. He was a little bit frustrated he hadn't had any dreams as the rest of us had until this happened. I'll do my best to retell the story briefly! My dad went out on his lunch break alone yesterday, got to the restaurant and found himself there alone as well. Within a few minutes though a sweet old lady came in, sat behind him for a while until she got up, came over to his booth, and explained that she comes there frequently and sits in that booth on the opposite side only. So she politely asked if she could sit down. Of course he says sure, and so she sits down.
                     (okay, so this is just a random cute old lady, but I could picture her like this!)

She started talking about her health and family for quite some time, until somehow it transitioned into conversation about energy and healing, and she said she felt my dad's energy very strongly when she walked in. So he starts telling her about my Grandma and that she recently passed. She immediately started fidgeting furiously for a necklace of some sort under her sweater, until she pulls out a chain with a small crystal with a star hanging above it. She then quickly puts the star in her hand, explaining that it helps ground her. 

She looked as if everything made sense now; there was an overwhelming sense of completion, as if the message from heaven was being recognized and orchestrated perfectly so the message could be passed on. She says, "that's who it is! Your mom's presence is so powerful. She is with you." Then she proceeds to go into prayer, right then and there in the booth with my dad, asking him to say her name out loud three times. Then she tells Grandma that we hear her, we are okay, and we thank her for making her presence known. Hearing this story made me very happy they were alone in this restaurant, but the waiters must have thought, "who are these people anyways?" It didn't matter though cause they certainly didn't care!

My dad also gave this woman a gift by giving her information she had been looking for for a long time, regarding her declining health. She had a red eye that was swollen and watery, diabetes, and probably a much longer list of other issues. He recommended Spring Forest Qigong, and she is now planning to go get work done there. When you don't hear a message, the universe will find other ways to bring it to you, and Grandma is a firecracker I tell you - she knows how to get a point across when she needs to!! ;)

So....that's what my dad had for lunch! When you listen, follow the sign posts, and act on guidance, it's always miraculous!

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