Thursday, March 19, 2015

~G R A T I T U D E~

I recently started a gratitude journal...actually brought it back to life. I've had one before, but I felt the need to use it again, because it has been pretty miraculous in my life. It seems in my experience that the moment I consciously choose to remind myself every day of the blessings in my life (including the ones I gift to others) I am so much more receptive to allowing abundance to come to me. Abundance comes in many forms, not just money.

With the simply act of writing for a few minutes a day affirming all that I am grateful for in my life, I am seeing new opportunities and people flooding into my life with ease. Sometimes I forget that the universe within me has all that I could ever need and want, and it's just up to my to match my vibration to my desires. If we're not matching our desires vibrationally, the universe cannot provide us with it. That's simply the law of attraction. It's the most prominent law in the universe, and I wish more people could be conscious of it so that we could use it to our benefit. I don't think it's a curse unless we simply don't know about it, and therefore our lives become a mystery.

If we're conscious that we are the ones that create our own reality, than it's a little bit easier. None the less, it can be hard to match our vibration to our desires when its not yet a physical manifestation. We are trained to be discontent until we see physical proof. We're supposed to work hard to get what we want. What do I think? I think that we can get what we want with least amount of effort and resistance if we can learn how to embody what we want without contradicting thoughts and ideas of deprivation so that abundance can be our natural state, and something we just expect rather than try to work for. That is something we need to be learning in school!

So this isn't supposed to be a rant of any kind, nor am I trying to teach anybody anything. This is my experience, and I've noticed it really does work for me. I want to take credit for the blessings that come to me, and not ignore that I did that work! It's awesome how fast you can see the results when you let down your resistance!


  1. What a lovely post dear! Gratitude truly is a profound practice.
    love- Eden