Monday, March 9, 2015


What makes you happy? What makes you come alive? What makes you feel GRATEFUL? The last few days I've been contemplating this, and even journaling about it, because I think it's so important to not lose track of the important things in life. I just re-watched two films that I haven't seen in a while - The Secret, which was written by Rhonda Byrne, and Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, both of which changed my life completely when I first saw them.
Here's the links for both films on Youtube:

The Secret:
Conversations With God:

Now that I watched them again at a different point in my life, I have a newfound appreciation for them and that has caused me to start that contemplation again on what is truly important. First of all, the Law of Attraction is a huge huge principle that I believe absolutely needs to be taught in schools. Why? Because if we don't understand that the universe simply responds to our outgoing vibrations, then it looks like our lives are driven by some random force we often call "fate". What I've learned, and what many have learned, from the teachings within The Secret, as well as the teachings from the Abraham Hicks material is that the universe is not conspiring against us, nor has it any definition of us other than love. It doesn't have judgment on what it wants from us or for us, other than what our wishes are.

Therefore, we are the co-creators of our own destiny, and we are left to figure that out on this human journey. It's all about discovery, similar to playing a board game like move one square ahead, you don't know what's up next, and you're always scared you'll lose or end up in jail. Jail doesn't need to literally mean jail, it can also mean the prison we often lock ourselves into. So the Law of Attraction simply states that the vibration to send into the universe is the vibration that comes back to you. When you send rockets of desire, whether they are positive or negative, that is what returns to you.

Say you get up in the morning and stub your toe. Automatically that can leave you spiraling downward the rest of the day, where you then are running late, forget your wallet at home, find out your cat is sick, and then get in a car accident on the way home. happens. And it's also not the universes fault - you set up that vibration and didn't catch yourself fast enough to change it around. So you have to find ways to notice it when it comes and get yourself spinning back upwards instead of downwards.

It's awesome when you can get to the point where you don't have to blame others for the way you live your life, and you can start taking credit for both the positive and the negative, because once you figure out how to stay on the positive disk for the majority of the time, you won't have reasons to blame others anyways. And if you get in a rut, be able to take the blame, because it's not bad, it's just a learning experience. Once you know what you don't want, you know what you do want, and you can control your experience then.

Conversations With God I first watched when I was 11 years old, and I was completely fascinated and in awe of this journey of Neale's life. It gave me perspective as to how I could better appreciate my life, and to see the small things as the most profound, not the big extravagant things. I won't spoil the story, cause you might want to read his books, but it's one that has stuck with me since 2007, and I continue to learn from. It has now even become my story. I was always very interested in spirituality, and this material as well as the Abraham Hicks material changed my life, because it gave validation to experiences I was having and continue to have to this day.

It's amazing to me looking back on that first time I watched Conversations With God, I remember thinking, "wow, that's so amazing, I wish I could speak with God too! I have a lot to ask!" (That term is the one I use right now for the purpose of communication, because there's not a better one I can think of that is relatable to all people.) And now here we are, and I'm doing the exact same thing; writing, publishing, and teaching. Isn't that crazy? I just love it.

Now here's a funny sentiment to leave you with...

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