Thursday, March 5, 2015

Art of Allowing

There are moments in everyone's life where you question yourself, who you are, and if you've got what it takes to become who you want to be. There are moments when you doubt that you can do it, whether it is your family and friends around you that may not support you, the social and societal norms, or simply your own limitations that you have put upon yourself. I'm guided to reflect on this today, because I've got a lot of that to work through. I'm going to be honest and tell you that I often push to hard when it comes to something that I want. I know I can get it, so I sometimes take things into my own hands and try to force it instead of asking the universe to provide it to me. WHY you ask? Because I'm human like everybody else, and we do that. *face palm*

I don't understand why I always fail to remember that I contain all the abundance in the universe within me, and as long as I can clear my own resistance and stay in the flow, abundance comes to me naturally. Isn't that interesting that even when you are so aware of this fact that you teach it all the time, yet you forget to even put it in practice yourself?

Today is the day that I'm going to start practicing it. So that means, I have to go down that awful list of things I tell other people, like, "you have to feel the feeling of the manifestation like it is already yours, even if you don't see the physical evidence yet" or, "remember the Law of Attraction!" The best one is, "make a dream board and look at it every day". I have one, but it's in my closet, and I certainly don't look at it every day! I guess I'm slacking a bit!

But seriously, I have to remember to just roll with the flow, instead of against it. Often times when you are really passionate about something, or have a strong drive to accomplish something, you try to force it to make it happen, and it's honestly just too much work, and I don't have much energy for that right now. So the plan is to pretend, at least for right now, that I can have anything that I desire, and I don't need to work hard for it. All I have to do is consciously and continuously be evaluating where I am on the emotional scale, making sure I'm putting myself in situations and experiences that make me feel alive and in the flow. Because there is nothing TO DO, except to Be. And yeah, that's another teaching I have yet to realize myself ;) Working on it.

I've found that it's not about manifesting, it's about allowing...and it's so dang hard to think about and contemplate, but it's something that is actually quite easy to put in practice once you get out of your head. It takes surrendering to your resistance of what you can and can't do, because you don't have enough time, it won't be accepted, or others come first on your to-do list...the list goes on and on. If you really understand that your life experience always comes from your own choosing of your reality, than you'll understand the purpose and value of always serving yourself first before you can serve others.

Let the universe do the work for you, just ask and get out of the way! Give yourself a break, you don't need to understand all of it, cause you can't. The best you can do is learn from your experiences - I consciously did not pick the word mistake because I don't believe there is such a thing. And I've already said more than once here, I'm learning from myself all the time. By no means have I mastered anything that I talk about, but the more that I do talk about it and learn through the eyes of others, it becomes integrated within me. We're all students, and anyone who claims to be a master is still human, and in my opinion, by the definition of a human being, they have to be students too.

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