Friday, March 27, 2015


Today is about recognizing my momentum, and that I have come very far in accomplishing my dreams! When we focus on how far we have come instead of how much we have failed and fallen behind, we are much happier and in the flow! Makes sense, I know, but it can also be a hard practice to follow. I know it is for me! But that's why I started this blog; to remember to dedicate time to gaining my own momentum through the power of affirmation. Telling my story makes me feel invigorated and alive with possibility, and that's why I share. Also because I think that there are those out there that have similar stories, or could benefit in some way. It's useful to listen to others and learn from them!

This blog also helps me to see my true self; sometimes I filter through what I want to actually hear in my head, but when my thoughts are on paper, it feels very real and vulnerable, and I like that. I like it because it always tells the truth, and then I can learn from it. When I don't really know how I feel, how am I supposed to learn anything? This is like my public journal, how do you like that? Ha ha! Don't feel weird about investigating your inner dimensions, it can be a little scary at first, but let me tell you, it's great when you no longer have to hide things from yourself! Usually it's an unconscious behavior.

Momentum grows as you continue to focus on where you want to be with feelings of eagerness, passion, excitement, expansion, and love! The result is a resistance free vortex of manifestation!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Heavenly Whispers

As a mentioned in a previous post, my Grandma recently made her transition back home after a really tough fight with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My family has had a really difficult time with such an unexpected event, especially as it was a fast and aggressive journey. Although, all in all I now know it was a gift in disguise. I have seen great transformation within myself as well as many people around me that have been graced by my Grandmothers presence.

She gifted so many people, and she also bonded the family together in a way I don't think we would have if she hadn't become so sick. I was blessed to be part of the journey and to be of service in a way that I had never been able to be. I did my best to communicate to her in a really soft way the beauty of where she was headed, and began doing a lot of painting at the time as well. Here's a little taste:

I have had a few dreams since her passing, so the lines of communication are still very open! I made sure to talk to her even when she was unresponsive that we would all be tuned in and watching out for her when she chose to make her presence known! The night after her passing, on February 26th, both my Grandpa and I saw flashes of light around us as we were falling asleep in different parts of my house. Pretty awesome right?

My dad also had an amazing experience yesterday - divine synchronicity kind of experience. He was a little bit frustrated he hadn't had any dreams as the rest of us had until this happened. I'll do my best to retell the story briefly! My dad went out on his lunch break alone yesterday, got to the restaurant and found himself there alone as well. Within a few minutes though a sweet old lady came in, sat behind him for a while until she got up, came over to his booth, and explained that she comes there frequently and sits in that booth on the opposite side only. So she politely asked if she could sit down. Of course he says sure, and so she sits down.
                     (okay, so this is just a random cute old lady, but I could picture her like this!)

She started talking about her health and family for quite some time, until somehow it transitioned into conversation about energy and healing, and she said she felt my dad's energy very strongly when she walked in. So he starts telling her about my Grandma and that she recently passed. She immediately started fidgeting furiously for a necklace of some sort under her sweater, until she pulls out a chain with a small crystal with a star hanging above it. She then quickly puts the star in her hand, explaining that it helps ground her. 

She looked as if everything made sense now; there was an overwhelming sense of completion, as if the message from heaven was being recognized and orchestrated perfectly so the message could be passed on. She says, "that's who it is! Your mom's presence is so powerful. She is with you." Then she proceeds to go into prayer, right then and there in the booth with my dad, asking him to say her name out loud three times. Then she tells Grandma that we hear her, we are okay, and we thank her for making her presence known. Hearing this story made me very happy they were alone in this restaurant, but the waiters must have thought, "who are these people anyways?" It didn't matter though cause they certainly didn't care!

My dad also gave this woman a gift by giving her information she had been looking for for a long time, regarding her declining health. She had a red eye that was swollen and watery, diabetes, and probably a much longer list of other issues. He recommended Spring Forest Qigong, and she is now planning to go get work done there. When you don't hear a message, the universe will find other ways to bring it to you, and Grandma is a firecracker I tell you - she knows how to get a point across when she needs to!! ;)

So....that's what my dad had for lunch! When you listen, follow the sign posts, and act on guidance, it's always miraculous!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

~G R A T I T U D E~

I recently started a gratitude journal...actually brought it back to life. I've had one before, but I felt the need to use it again, because it has been pretty miraculous in my life. It seems in my experience that the moment I consciously choose to remind myself every day of the blessings in my life (including the ones I gift to others) I am so much more receptive to allowing abundance to come to me. Abundance comes in many forms, not just money.

With the simply act of writing for a few minutes a day affirming all that I am grateful for in my life, I am seeing new opportunities and people flooding into my life with ease. Sometimes I forget that the universe within me has all that I could ever need and want, and it's just up to my to match my vibration to my desires. If we're not matching our desires vibrationally, the universe cannot provide us with it. That's simply the law of attraction. It's the most prominent law in the universe, and I wish more people could be conscious of it so that we could use it to our benefit. I don't think it's a curse unless we simply don't know about it, and therefore our lives become a mystery.

If we're conscious that we are the ones that create our own reality, than it's a little bit easier. None the less, it can be hard to match our vibration to our desires when its not yet a physical manifestation. We are trained to be discontent until we see physical proof. We're supposed to work hard to get what we want. What do I think? I think that we can get what we want with least amount of effort and resistance if we can learn how to embody what we want without contradicting thoughts and ideas of deprivation so that abundance can be our natural state, and something we just expect rather than try to work for. That is something we need to be learning in school!

So this isn't supposed to be a rant of any kind, nor am I trying to teach anybody anything. This is my experience, and I've noticed it really does work for me. I want to take credit for the blessings that come to me, and not ignore that I did that work! It's awesome how fast you can see the results when you let down your resistance!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Cleaning

So I guess this is going to be about SPRING CLEANING! And no, not in the way you might think. It's about re-evaluating myself and letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me!

I'm realizing more and more everyday my own inner resistance to following my soul guidance. It's been showing up so prominently when I notice myself filtering my thoughts as I am speaking to people, keeping my guard up all the time in case I accidently say too much and make myself, or the other person uncomfortable. Why is this an issue? I don't really know if it's my issue, their issue, or both. Sometimes fear of rejection is an excuse to never come out of your own shell and just play it safe in life. I don't want to ever fall into that habit. Yet I still notice myself becoming aware of my own restrictions, and it usually has to do with my spirituality.

I find it very unfortunate that as human beings, as ONE humanity, we still let our differences get in the way of universal love and compassion. I certainly don't agree with everyone out there, nor would I expect everyone to agree with me. But I would hope that despite this, both of us can mutually agree to value and love each other anyways. I don't know why for some people this isn't even in their vocabulary.

It's been a constant struggle for me feeling like I need to break out of my shell, but not knowing how I can and also "fit in". Then I realized I didn't want to fit in and went to the other extreme, which is feeling so outside the box that nobody even recognizes me anymore. Is this my own perception or the truth? I don't know that either. But I do know my perception and reality depends on what I consciously choose for myself, and if people want to treat me a way that I don't like, I might as well pretend a different reality so I can still be happy! See, I knew there was always a bright side! :)

These are my conflicting thoughts today as I contemplate how to better unite these two realities of mine that feel too distant right now. I thought I was completely comfortable with who I am and have become, and yet I realize I am not because I still care what other people think. But I'm not back to square one - just not as far as I thought!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Dream Board!

Back in the Fall I made this dream board, which I really put my heart into creating. It's a brilliant creative outlet in itself, but what I really love about the process is the joy and alive-ness that I feel when I am in the flow, appreciating every aspect of myself, and remembering my true potential. And finding those perfect images and words to cut out of magazines and newspapers is the best! If you are ever feeling like you need to clarify your intentions and dreams, sit down and go through this process of creating a dream board for yourself. It feels so good to feel the energy of it all coming together in physical form as you are re-affirming all that you want, seeing it in bold colorful letters!

As you can see, Oprah is front and center here in mine...I adore Oprah, and her show Super Soul Sunday. Someday I see myself there - as you can see, Oprah is excited to be reading Teachings From God! ;)

Monday, March 9, 2015


What makes you happy? What makes you come alive? What makes you feel GRATEFUL? The last few days I've been contemplating this, and even journaling about it, because I think it's so important to not lose track of the important things in life. I just re-watched two films that I haven't seen in a while - The Secret, which was written by Rhonda Byrne, and Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, both of which changed my life completely when I first saw them.
Here's the links for both films on Youtube:

The Secret:
Conversations With God:

Now that I watched them again at a different point in my life, I have a newfound appreciation for them and that has caused me to start that contemplation again on what is truly important. First of all, the Law of Attraction is a huge huge principle that I believe absolutely needs to be taught in schools. Why? Because if we don't understand that the universe simply responds to our outgoing vibrations, then it looks like our lives are driven by some random force we often call "fate". What I've learned, and what many have learned, from the teachings within The Secret, as well as the teachings from the Abraham Hicks material is that the universe is not conspiring against us, nor has it any definition of us other than love. It doesn't have judgment on what it wants from us or for us, other than what our wishes are.

Therefore, we are the co-creators of our own destiny, and we are left to figure that out on this human journey. It's all about discovery, similar to playing a board game like move one square ahead, you don't know what's up next, and you're always scared you'll lose or end up in jail. Jail doesn't need to literally mean jail, it can also mean the prison we often lock ourselves into. So the Law of Attraction simply states that the vibration to send into the universe is the vibration that comes back to you. When you send rockets of desire, whether they are positive or negative, that is what returns to you.

Say you get up in the morning and stub your toe. Automatically that can leave you spiraling downward the rest of the day, where you then are running late, forget your wallet at home, find out your cat is sick, and then get in a car accident on the way home. happens. And it's also not the universes fault - you set up that vibration and didn't catch yourself fast enough to change it around. So you have to find ways to notice it when it comes and get yourself spinning back upwards instead of downwards.

It's awesome when you can get to the point where you don't have to blame others for the way you live your life, and you can start taking credit for both the positive and the negative, because once you figure out how to stay on the positive disk for the majority of the time, you won't have reasons to blame others anyways. And if you get in a rut, be able to take the blame, because it's not bad, it's just a learning experience. Once you know what you don't want, you know what you do want, and you can control your experience then.

Conversations With God I first watched when I was 11 years old, and I was completely fascinated and in awe of this journey of Neale's life. It gave me perspective as to how I could better appreciate my life, and to see the small things as the most profound, not the big extravagant things. I won't spoil the story, cause you might want to read his books, but it's one that has stuck with me since 2007, and I continue to learn from. It has now even become my story. I was always very interested in spirituality, and this material as well as the Abraham Hicks material changed my life, because it gave validation to experiences I was having and continue to have to this day.

It's amazing to me looking back on that first time I watched Conversations With God, I remember thinking, "wow, that's so amazing, I wish I could speak with God too! I have a lot to ask!" (That term is the one I use right now for the purpose of communication, because there's not a better one I can think of that is relatable to all people.) And now here we are, and I'm doing the exact same thing; writing, publishing, and teaching. Isn't that crazy? I just love it.

Now here's a funny sentiment to leave you with...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Art of Allowing

There are moments in everyone's life where you question yourself, who you are, and if you've got what it takes to become who you want to be. There are moments when you doubt that you can do it, whether it is your family and friends around you that may not support you, the social and societal norms, or simply your own limitations that you have put upon yourself. I'm guided to reflect on this today, because I've got a lot of that to work through. I'm going to be honest and tell you that I often push to hard when it comes to something that I want. I know I can get it, so I sometimes take things into my own hands and try to force it instead of asking the universe to provide it to me. WHY you ask? Because I'm human like everybody else, and we do that. *face palm*

I don't understand why I always fail to remember that I contain all the abundance in the universe within me, and as long as I can clear my own resistance and stay in the flow, abundance comes to me naturally. Isn't that interesting that even when you are so aware of this fact that you teach it all the time, yet you forget to even put it in practice yourself?

Today is the day that I'm going to start practicing it. So that means, I have to go down that awful list of things I tell other people, like, "you have to feel the feeling of the manifestation like it is already yours, even if you don't see the physical evidence yet" or, "remember the Law of Attraction!" The best one is, "make a dream board and look at it every day". I have one, but it's in my closet, and I certainly don't look at it every day! I guess I'm slacking a bit!

But seriously, I have to remember to just roll with the flow, instead of against it. Often times when you are really passionate about something, or have a strong drive to accomplish something, you try to force it to make it happen, and it's honestly just too much work, and I don't have much energy for that right now. So the plan is to pretend, at least for right now, that I can have anything that I desire, and I don't need to work hard for it. All I have to do is consciously and continuously be evaluating where I am on the emotional scale, making sure I'm putting myself in situations and experiences that make me feel alive and in the flow. Because there is nothing TO DO, except to Be. And yeah, that's another teaching I have yet to realize myself ;) Working on it.

I've found that it's not about manifesting, it's about allowing...and it's so dang hard to think about and contemplate, but it's something that is actually quite easy to put in practice once you get out of your head. It takes surrendering to your resistance of what you can and can't do, because you don't have enough time, it won't be accepted, or others come first on your to-do list...the list goes on and on. If you really understand that your life experience always comes from your own choosing of your reality, than you'll understand the purpose and value of always serving yourself first before you can serve others.

Let the universe do the work for you, just ask and get out of the way! Give yourself a break, you don't need to understand all of it, cause you can't. The best you can do is learn from your experiences - I consciously did not pick the word mistake because I don't believe there is such a thing. And I've already said more than once here, I'm learning from myself all the time. By no means have I mastered anything that I talk about, but the more that I do talk about it and learn through the eyes of others, it becomes integrated within me. We're all students, and anyone who claims to be a master is still human, and in my opinion, by the definition of a human being, they have to be students too.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March!

Happy March!

I know this isn't what a March tree looks like, but it's pretty nonetheless! ;)

We're now well into 2015, and have experienced a lot of new energies...lots of emotions, inner turmoil, and releasing of old patterns. Also with this comes an opening for a new opportunity to grow and come more fully into yourself. It's a beautiful process, whether it is always comfortable or not.

Remember that you cannot make a mistake. There are no mistakes. You can choose to define your experiences, or you can simply live without judgment knowing that all of your experiences are for the purpose of growing you up, bringing you more into alignment with your desires and soul purpose, and helping you to unveil the extra layers that no longer serve you.

It's difficult to understand this at first. Not everyone believes that you are the creator of your own reality, because it puts too much pressure on you to "get it right". I completely understand that, but it's also EMPOWERING, because you can now take complete credit and responsibility for the way you have chosen to live. So the intention of this post is to begin to start allowing myself, and hopefully helping you to allow an opening for new beautiful opportunities ahead of you!

The first step is to start allowing yourself to accept abundance in your life. It's not about manifesting, it's about allowing your natural abundance. You deserve all the beauty life has to offer, but you need to start seeing yourself as the central force that can make that happen, instead of some "fate" that lies outside of yourself. As springtime nears closer, the heart naturally opens and comes out of hibernation, as you become more receptive to move out of resistance and into the flow.

You can start priming that process now, even as we are still in the winter months. I am well aware that Minnesota winters are gloomy and depressing, but the Light within you is still alive, and you can still allow yourself to feel healthy and happy. Gift yourself with something nice today - something that rejuvenates your soul, because you are worth it!