Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Healing Old Battle Wounds

Today I'm reflecting on my journey, the struggles and pains, and also the effortless flow and bliss I have experienced so far in my life. Everyone goes through that ebb and flow, and it's important to be able to be okay with that, and not resist it. That is what life is in a nutshell. There will be moments that you are in the flow, soaking up the fruits of your labor, and then there will also be the moments in which you feel lost, alone, resistant, and detached from the world. Welcome to being a human being!

Today I'm reflecting on my own inner strength as a human being, which includes both the lovely moments, and the pain and suffering, all of which have be camouflaged in many different experiences. All of these experiences are for your overall growth as a spiritual being living a human experience. I've had the great pleasure to experience both polarities *big sarcastic yay* But honestly, in the end I am very grateful for them because it is made me so strong, and I have a whole new outlook on what the true meaning of life is. You don't truly understand it until you experience all of it, including those human emotions...and they are a bugger! But you can also learn how to use them to your benefit, and channel that energy in ways that are positive and beautiful. Energy is energy...there is no positive and negative, there is just energy in different forms.

I've done a lot of spiritual work in the past three years, and I mean was WORK. Going inward and listening and feeling without blinding yourself from seeing the Truth is difficult. And I'm sure I still blind myself from seeing too much out of fear of disappointing myself or having to deal with even more pain, but when I do realize that I'm holding myself back I always go inward and try to work through the issue so that I don't hurt myself anymore, or the people I care about around me. As human beings we have a strong tendency to blame each other for all of our problems, when in fact it's always our own "stuff" that is being triggered so it can be released. The difficult part is having the strength and courage to look at it, call it out, and release it. It's much easier to blame others, but it never fixes the problem, and it will keep showing up in other areas of your life in new experiences and you'll never understand why you have such bad "luck". Honor yourself and go through it so you can release it. You'll come out a warrior!

I've been going through my stuff lately, and I've had a lot of revelations about myself that I simply allowed myself to label as "the way it is" previously. I am a free spirit who is honestly a rebel of pretty much every system I've been, religion, politics, etc. I've even caught myself multiple times getting into spiritual groups that I know I will feel at home with, and they turn out to be just as good at re-enacting separation as the religions I rebel against around me.

It's human instinct; we know that we get things done better when we form together. It's a memory held within our DNA, and I have no judgment with that. But I do think that it's time to re-evaluate that system and see if we can't look at this a different way. It can be really easy to fall into a system that promotes self-transformation, enlightenment, love, peace, and compassion, but if it EVER contradicts the Truth within you, get the heck out of there. 

It's not that I disagree with all of it, or that I disrespect the purpose of it or the people in it, it's simply that I am so frustrated that it's a system driven around fear. There are so many fears instilled that all have the same foundational basis, which is to keep you in their tight manipulative grip.  Let me ask you a question, one that I have no charge with while I type this, and that is, "does that sound like God, or does that sound like man?" You are your own guidance system, and that's the Truth. Sometimes it takes an experience like that to truly understand what I'm saying. That's been my experience. I found that my own connection to the higher part of me that is Divine is the best way to find my soul purpose and the meaning of my life. It's empowering!!

These are my thoughts, and I have no judgment on your belief system, because I fully respect and love you no matter what your Truth is. I don't believe you should be punished for speaking your own Truth and guiding your own life, spiritual or not. That's an old energy; an old paradigm. Let's get beyond that, shall we? A lot of the spiritual work I spoke of had to do with that old energy I was holding on to from many lifetimes ago that had to do with being prosecuted for speaking my Truth and having a innate connection with God that no one else understood, because it wasn't their way.

I'm past that now, and I have very little fear associated with speaking my Truth, in fact I have even been able to talk openly about my journey with channeling and the grace it has brought into my life with people that I never thought I would get the chance to share it with.

I had so much fear of being rejected. I was comfortably isolated in my own bubble for a good two years before I really started practicing what I preached and found a place within me that really didn't care what others thought. It was more important to me to speak it than be understood. I think it is silly that this was a legitimate anxiety I had for so long, and around the people I should be the most comfortable around. Can we be so blinded by our need for control over the rest of the world's belief systems that we completely overlook the fact that you can love one another even when you are not clones? As my Grandma would say, "well for Pete's sake!" (anyone actually know what that means?)

This is my frustration and resistance that keeps showing up in many areas of my life, which right now is the anxiety and fears I have about going to college and feeling safe and secure. I have so many aspirations and big goals for myself, and I have a fear that I will limit myself and "waste time" on my journey, when in fact, I know it will be good for my overall wellbeing and to expand and grow and move past my own limitations. Yes, I said's my own limitations. Nothing I will do will be a waste of time, because there is no such thing. If you have to control your future to be able to feel safe and secure, you'll never go anywhere, and you'll also probably feel stir crazy. Alas, another lesson I just taught myself! For now, I'm relaxing in the Now and not worrying about what is ahead.

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