Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super excited to start my sound healing training in just a short couple of weeks! Looking forward to putting my whole energy into something that I REALLY want to do in the future (building a business). Can't wait to get started and to make new connections and friends - not to mention getting out of Minnesota for a little while! I will update my blog for sure when I'm back and let ya'll know how it all went (I go six days four times a year), and the entire program is three years, so it's very in depth. This is just what I was looking for just getting out of high school; something that lets me get started NOW and not four years in the future after I take generals. I'm an activist on many dimensions, and I can't see myself going into college unless it supports exactly where I'm already going.

My goal going forward is to build a business where I can use channeling and healing together as one package - specifically sound healing, but I've practiced qigong for much of my life as well. Have to remember that to co-create your own reality, you have to understand that you are ALREADY co-creating your own reality, and trying to force things is actually resisting the natural flow. That doesn't mean that you sit around and say "it's all being done for me" - you still have to put your whole hearted energy into life, but once you do that and become clear on your intentions, it will become part of your reality!

We, as physical beings often forget how to have clear intention without resistance. As non-physical beings, that is an irrelevant topic, because there is no form of resistance or fear. It's getting in touch with that essence again that helps us to understand our part in the wholeness of creation. My dream is to a place where I can travel and channel for the public, as well as to publish more books along the way. A lot of people are looking for a printed copy, and alas, that has not been accomplished yet - but give me a break, that was one heck of a process as it was! Self publishing takes a whole lot of time and effort. More updates to come!

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