Friday, August 1, 2014

Personal Journey Reflections

My angels and guides have been really helping me lately to push into the unknown and to believe in myself enough to really value my gifts and talents, and beyond that, to SHARE them. I'm usually the kind of person that likes to be humble, and to not talk too much about myself. But, that doesn't mean that I don't value what I do, I've just been conditioned over time (as we all have) that it looks better to not preach to much about all the fantastic things about yourself. *LOL* So, while having that in the back of my mind, awesome stuff is happenin over here lately, and I HAVE to talk about it - it's just too cool not to share.

I've learned that it's not being "stuck up" or "advertis-y" to talk about what is actually going on, especially if it's your passion and you want to share it with the world. I've been so hesitant to share my journey of channeling because there are so many people that don't want to hear it, for whatever reason. I wasn't raised in any religion, though my parents and entire family grew up in them. I knew that it wasn't my path from the beginning, because they each told me I needed to follow their rules to know God, and I already did know God, and still do. So what you're trying to tell me then is that if I don't follow your doctrines, then I must not know God and need to be "saved". *Rant time...*

We are all pieces of God. Why can't we know God personally, without anyone telling us how to talk or connect with Him? Or should I say...HER? :) What if God didn't fit into the preconceived notions that you have been taught? And what if that holds you back from experiencing the vastness of God? I've learned that many people that hold these strong belief systems (bless them) have a hard time really hearing what I have to say, because it's so out of their comfort zone. It's too hard to grasp for so many people that God is part of each and every one of us, and we don't need to reach somewhere outside of ourselves to find it.

More later on that....but for now, here is the link to my article published on Gaiam TV - so blessed to have this opportunity!

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